Have you consider running for an elected position? It's a great way to meet other PT and PTA throughout Virginia and advance the profession. Self-nominations are certainly welcome! Don't be shy! Likewise, if you know a colleague who would be a good fit, please nominate them.

How to run by petition:

  1. Collect three letters/emails of support from APTA Virginia members indicating they wish you to be slated on the ballot.

  2. Upload all three letters, your bio, photo (optional), and your statement by midnight on August 23.


Job Description

Chapter Elections


District Elections

Open Positions by Year

Chapter Elections:

Even Year Chapter: Vice President, Treasurer, PTA Caucus Rep; Delegates
Odd Year Chapter: President-Elect, Chief Delegate, Secretary, Delegtes, PTA Caucus Rep.

District Elections:

Even Year Districts:
  • Secretary: Blue Ridge, Mountain Valley
  • Treasurer: Central, Northern, Tidewater District
  • Directors: even year directors
  • Nominating Committee Member: Northern, Central, Tidewater
Odd Year Districts:
  • Secretary: Central, Northern, Tidewater
  • Treasurer: Blue Ridge, Mountain,
  • Valley District Directors: even year directors
  • Nominating Committee Member: Blue Ridge, Mountain, & Valley




  • President-Elect
  • Chief Delegate
  • Secretary
  • Delegate
  • PTA Caucus Representative
  • PTA Caucus Representative Alternate
  • Blue Ridge Nominating Committee Member
  • Mountain District Nominating Committee Member
  • Valley District Nominating Committee Member
  • Blue Ridge Director
  • Blue Ridge Treasurer
  • Central Director
  • Central Secretary
  • Mountain Director
  • Mountain Treasurer
  • Northern Director
  • Northern Secretary
  • Tidewater Director
  • Tidewater Secretary
  • Valley Director
  • Valley Treasurer

If you have specific questions, please email vpta@vpta.org .


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