Have you consider running for an elected position? It's a great way to meet other PT and PTA throughout Virginia and advance the profession. Self-nominations are certainly welcome! Don't be shy! Likewise, if you know a colleague who would be a good fit, please nominate them.

2023 Nomination Form


Job Description

Chapter Elections


District Elections

Open Positions by Year

Chapter Elections:

Even Year Chapter: Vice President, Treasurer, PTA Caucus Rep; Delegates
Odd Year Chapter: President-Elect, Chief Delegate, Secretary, Delegtes, PTA Caucus Rep.

District Elections:

Even Year Districts:
  • Secretary: Blue Ridge, Mountain Valley
  • Treasurer: Central, Northern, Tidewater District
  • Directors: even year directors
  • Nominating Committee Member: Northern, Central, Tidewater
Odd Year Districts:
  • Secretary: Central, Northern, Tidewater
  • Treasurer: Blue Ridge, Mountain, Valley 
  • Valley District Directors: even year directors
  • Nominating Committee Member: Blue Ridge, Mountain, & Valley




  • President-Elect
  • Chief Delegate
  • Secretary
  • Delegate
  • PTA Caucus Representative
  • PTA Caucus Representative Alternate
  • Blue Ridge Nominating Committee Member
  • Mountain District Nominating Committee Member
  • Valley District Nominating Committee Member
  • Blue Ridge Director
  • Blue Ridge Treasurer
  • Central Director
  • Central Secretary
  • Mountain Director
  • Mountain Treasurer
  • Northern Director
  • Northern Secretary
  • Tidewater Director
  • Tidewater Secretary
  • Valley Director
  • Valley Treasurer

If you have specific questions, please email vpta@vpta.org .