APTA Virginia is a membership-driven organization and the only statewide physical therapy advocacy and education organization in Virginia. APTA Virginia was established as the Virginia Physical Therapy Association, a component of the American Physical Therapy Association, to build a community that advances the profession of physical therapy and improves the health of society. Our member base includes physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, students of physical therapy, as well as retired physical therapists and physical therapist assistants. We engage and empower our members to be a leading voice in the health care industry, positive influencers of the physical therapy profession, and a strong collective force for improving the human experience.

VA employs over 4,500 physical therapists and physical therapist assistants – imagine the successes that can be achieved if every PT and PTA in the state joined their voices with ours!

Members provide APTA Virginia with numbers that matter. The power and influence of an advocacy organization is intimately linked to the number of active members who support the work of the organization. Membership builds the clout of an organization’s message and provides it with a network of advocates that can deliver that message to, and educate, legislators at critical times. Membership dues pay the bills, but most importantly, they provide leverage for initiatives like unfettered direct access, fair co-pay, and education programs.

APTA Virginia unifies the physical therapy community to speak with one voice. This broad, grassroots support base represents a sizable constituency that is recognized by legislators and government agencies. APTA Virginia has very solid working relationships with the Virginia Board of Physical Therapy, as well as with many of our State and Federal legislators. These relationships allow APTA Virginia to reach beyond the gatekeepers and bend the ears of people who make decisions. Membership with APTA Virginia strengthens this voice. Join us in advancing the profession of physical therapy to improve the health of society!
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Legislative Committee
The Legislative committee is responsible for monitoring legislative activity on a state and national level, developing grassroots campaigns, and for working with APTA Government and Payment Advocacy Department staff members to further the goals of the association. If you have legislative questions, please direct them to Tom Bohanon at

The PAC funds the Virginia Physical Therapy Association’s lobbying efforts. This is 100% reliant on donors like you. You can learn more about the PAC here. If you have questions about the PAC please direct them to Andy Tatom at

The mission of APTA Virginia is to advance excellence, quality, and accessibility of physical therapy through advocacy, education, research, and services for its members and consumers.


What do your PAC Dollar Support?

The VPTA Government Affairs Committee uses PAC donations to support federal and state legislators. We support legislators that have had a positive influence on our legislative agenda. Without this support, we are unable to attend events for these legislators and talk with them about our important recent issues including: a fee schedule for Workers' compensation, the Medicare therapy cap, Dry Needling, including physical therapists in concussion legislation, the licensure of kinesiotherapists, and access to physical therapist services without a referral.