The Virginia Physical Therapy Association has several awards to issue annually.  All award applications are due to the chapter office by February 1 of each year. 


At the June 2018 Board meeting, the Board closely looked at the financial landscape of the association. In doing so, they felt it prudent to put a 3-year freeze on all monetary based awards and scholarships. The VPTA recognizes that the awards are a tradition and hope that the freeze can be lifted before 3 fiscal years. The Board recognizes the member benefit the awards and scholarships offer and are balancing this with their fiduciary responsibility that the members have entrusted them with. So for the time being, the VPTA is accepting nominations for the Emerging LeaderM. Scott SullivanPTA, and John "Jack" L. Echtenrach Research awards, only. If you have any questions, please send them to

Please note that:
  • Board members and Awards Committee members are not eligible nor can they nominate, write letters of support, or endorse an individual for these awards per Policy and Procedures.
  • The Awards Committee will make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding which applicant should receive the awards.

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