APTA past 100 years

Getting ready for APTA's 100th Birthday!!

In 2021, the APTA turns 100! When you have a chance, make sure to explore the centennial
website found here

To help put some of the APTA milestones into historical perspective, let's take a look at what
else was going on during these key moment's in APTA history! Take a chance to look at how
far we have come as a profession in 100 years, and keep in mind the great things we are doing
now as we enter the telehealth age! There are just a few highlights (of both APTA and historical
events), to take a look at a full APTA timeline, head over here and to explore other historical
events, head here.

  •  In APTA History: First meeting of the American Women's Physical Therapeutic
Association, dues were set at $2, Mary McMillan was elected the first president and the
journal, P.T. Review was first published
  • Also in 1921: Agatha Christie published her first novel, Albert Einstein lectured about
his new “Theory of Relativity”, FDR diagnosed with polio, Dr. Banting and Dr. Best
announce the discovery of insulin

  •  In APTA History: NYU creates the first Bachelors Program, with the first standards for
accreditation developed the next year in 1928
  •  Also in 1927: Charles Lindbergh crosses the Atlantic on the first non-stop flight, the final
Model T is produced, Ty Cobb hits his 4000th career hit, the first Laurel and Hardy film
with the actors appearing as a duo is released

  • In APTA History: “Code of Ethics and Discipline” first developed
  •  Also in 1935: Amelia Earhardt flies from Honolulu to Oakland, CA, Jesse Owens sets
long jump record (26' 8.5”), the Hoover Dam is dedicated, Schrondinger publishes about

his famous cat, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry is awarded to Irene Joliot-Curie (Marie
Curie's daughter) and her husband.

  • In APTA History: First continuing education programs are held
  • Also in 1941: Captain America is created and published in Timely Comics, Citizen Kane
premieres, Bob Hope performs his first USO show, Disney releases Dumbo

  •  In APTA History: Kenall's first edition of Muscles Testing and Function published
  •  Also in 1949: Joe DiMaggio becomes first baseball player to be paid $100,000 per year,
Joe Lewis retires after defending his heavyweight boxing title 25 times, tennis star
Gussie Moran wears a short dress (shocking the crowd) at Wimbledon, Hollywoodland
sign is taken down and replaced with sign reading just “Hollywood”

  •  In APTA History: Competence exam first developed
  •  Also in 1954: Elvis Presley records first demo, The Nutcracker ballet first opens in New
York, first mass polio inoculation with Salk vaccine, first solar battery is introduced, the
first sub-4 minute mile is run by Roger Bannister, now classic books Lord of the Flies
and Fellowship of the Ring are published,

  • In APTA History: First two classes of PTAs graduate and start working
  • Also in 1969: First human eye transplant performed, Monty Python troop forms, Walt
Disney World construction begins in Florida, Apollo 11 brings first astronauts to land on
the moon, Woodstock Music & Arts Fair occurs, Jerry Lewis hosts the 4th MDA telethon,
Pele scores his 1000th goal

  •  In APTA History: PT program developed at Howard University which is the first
program at a Historically Black College or University
  •  Also in 1974: 1st extraterrestial message sent into space from earth, Terracotta Army
discovered in Xi'an, China, NFL grants teams to Tampa Bay and Seattle, Muhammad Ali
knoks out George Foreman during the Rumble in the Jungle, Lucy, the most complete
early human skeleton is discovered in Ethiopia

  •  In APTA History: First national physical therapy month
  •  Also in 1992: Ray Kurzweil published article on artificial intelligence which predicts the
popularity of the internet, Johnny Carson has final appearance as host of “The Tonight
Show”, Shaquille O'Neal drafted into NBA, The “Dream Team” wins gold in Basketball at
Summer Olympics, Mae Jemison becomes first African American Women to go into

  • In APTA History: In response to the growing opioid epidemic, the Choose PT campaign
is launched
  •  Also in 2016: Astronauts Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko set a record for time aboard
International Space Station-340 days, Gabriel Medina becomes first surfer to land
“Backflip” move in competition, Usain Bolt becomes first man to win 100m Gold 3 times,
Swimmers Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky each set records at the Olympic games,
medal of honor posthumously awarded to Grace Hopper, a pioneer in early computer

  •  In APTA History: APTA turns 100!
  • Also in 2021: Who's to say? Let's make it a great year!!
What are you going to do in 2021 (and everyday) to celebrate the centennial and the profession
of physical therapy?



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