Kristi Angelopoulou Honored With 2023 John L. "Jack" Echternach Research Award


The John L. "Jack" Echternach Research Award, formerly the VPTA Research Award, was renamed in honor of John L. Echternach, PT, EdD, ECS, FAPTA, reflecting more than 30 years of honorable service to the APTA. It acknowledges his role as an exemplary educator, mentor, and role model for countless students of physical therapy. As a leader in the professional association, Dr. Echternach has contributed immensely to the area of ongoing academic and clinical research, presenting findings in both local and national forums. He has been an acknowledged advocate for the development of a professional body of poignant literature and research.

The APTA has recognized him nationally through the receipt of various awards, including the Catherine Worthingham Fellows membership and the Golden Pen Award, for research and literary contributions to physical therapy. It was therefore deemed fitting and appropriate that our APTA Virginia Research Award be renamed in recognition of Dr. Echternach.

APTA Virginia honored Dr. Angelopoulou, Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at Emory & Henry College in Marion, with the 2023 John L. "Jack" Echternach Research Award. The prestigious award honors PTs and PTAs who promote and/or encourage research in physical therapy. The types of research to be fostered include, but are not limited to, academic or clinical research.

Dr. Angelopoulou's primary teaching responsibilities include Kinesiology and the Musculoskeletal Series of courses. She has a passion for teaching students about the musculoskeletal system with an emphasis on systems screening and evidence-based practice. 

Her area of research is integrated into her teaching and focuses on the importance of screening the cardiovascular system and the value of integrating the systems approach into the clinical decision-making process to prioritize patient health and safety. 

Click here to learn more about APTA Virginia's awards that acknowledge the association's appreciation of the inspiring contributions that have lasting impact, demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, and deliver exceptional results in physical therapy.



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