M. Scott Sullivan Award

The M. Scott Sullivan Leadership Award is in memory of Scott Sullivan, who served the APTA Virginia in leadership positions during the 1990's and was an associate professor at the Medical College of Virginia, a devoted family man, and active in his community until the time of his sudden death in December 1998 just weeks before he was to assume the position of Director of Practice at the APTA. This award was first granted posthumously to Scott Sullivan in April 1999.


To recognize those members who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their service to APTA Virginia.


Any physical therapist or physical therapist assistant member not currently serving on the APTA Virginia Board of Directors or Awards Committee.

Selection Process
Nominations must be submitted to the Nominating Committee Chair by February 1. The Awards Committee will make the final selection with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Award Minimum:
The recipient will receive at a minimum, a certificate, which will be presented at the APTA Virginia Annual Business Meeting.