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About the Student Special Interest Group (SSIG)
  • Provide the exchange of information to and among SSIG members concerning issues confronting the profession of physical therapy.
  • Identify and respond to areas of concern relating to students of the chapter.
  • Promote the role of students in the chapter, Association, and profession.
  • Promote membership and understanding of the Association, chapter, and SSIG among students enrolled in Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy
  • Assistant education programs within the chapter.
  • Represent the interests of SSIG members before the official decision making bodies of the Chapter, Association, and other components.
  • Assist the Chapter and Association in furthering the profession of Physical Therapy in the state of Virginia.
  • Promote and foster communication between Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy Assistant students.


The SSIG BoD listens to your concerns, questions, and comments. This information is then taken back to the Virginia Chapter BoD and discussed. From here the board determines if the concerns of the student census can adequately be addressed and this information is relayed back to the student membership. The SSIG Executive Committee also provides an opportunity for the physical therapy and physical therapy assistant student to:
  • Network with students in your state.
  • Contact professionals across your state.
  • Opportunities to find mentors and be mentored.
  • Develop leadership skills. Receive important information about the workings of your state chapter.
  • Receive important information preparing you for your future as a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant

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