The Student Minority Scholarship is awarded annually to a minority physical therapist student(s) by the Student Relations Committee of the APTA Virginia.

Purpose: To acknowledge and reward demonstrated participation in minority affairs activities & services, the potential for superior achievements in the profession of physical therapy, appropriate display of professionalism as a future physical therapist or physical therapist assistant, and academic excellence.

Requirements for Application:

  1. The applicant must be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident and a member of one of the following racial/ethnic minority groups: African-American or Black, Asian, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, American Indian/Alaska Native, or Hispanic/Latino.
  2. In the year this award is to be given, the student must be enrolled in the final academic year of an accredited or developing professional physical therapist or physical therapist assistant education program and/or be eligible to graduate January 1-December 31.
  3. The student must show evidence of contributions in the areas of minority affairs and services, and high scholastic achievement.
  4. The student must possess potential for superior achievements in the profession of physical therapy as well as professional excellence as a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant.
  5. The student must be a current member of the APTA Virginia.

Application Process:

1. Incomplete applications will be discarded; make sure to fill out all sections completely and according to directions.

2. Upload a 500-word personal essay outlining your professional goals and minority service (beyond what is required by your academic program). Your essay must include a response to the two (2) questions listed below. You may add other pertinent information, while maintaining the 500-word limit.
  • Question 1: Why are your contributions to minority and underserved populations important?
  • Question 2: How have your activities and contributions impacted the communities you serve?

3. You (the student) must provide information on your volunteer community service or clinical activities NOT required by your academic program. It should emphasize minority/underserved community participation, scholarly achievements, and service activities. This is in addition to the personal essay. The list of information should include the following information for each community service or activity:
  • Name of organization/group;
  • Briefly describe the underserved/minority population worked with (if applicable);
  • Your specific role (leader, coordinator, participant) and brief description of activities performed;
  • Estimated number of hours served; and
  • Dates of service.
Please also list any activities you have been engaged in with APTA and/or APTA Virginia (i.e. attendance at a district, state, or national meeting; committee participation, lobby day, etc.)

4. Applicants must obtain two references. One from your academic program faculty or a physical therapist clinician, and one from the program manager/director who can verify your contributions to the minority community (total of 2 references). Each reference you submit should include the following information about you:
  • Clinical Performance;
  • Critical Thinking Skills;
  • Ability to relate to persons from various cultures;
  • Interpersonal skills; and
  • How well the student demonstrates professionalism.

Certificate and up to $1,000. Monetary award provided following January Board of Directors Meeting.

Deadline of Application:
All application materials must be submitted by the close of business December 14.


Additional Resources:
For questions regarding the nomination process or an award, please contact

Award History
2022 - Anna Yoon, SP