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‣ You might be looking for a healthcare lawyer. While the APTA VA doesn’t endorse any attorneys or law firms, you might take a look at Gwen Simmons or Paul Welk as you explore your options. Career Center for finding employees.

‣ Make sure you are in the Find a PT directory so new patients can find you. You can do this through your APTA login. If any trouble, contact APTA as they’ll be best to assist you.

‣ Join our Private Practice SIG. You can do this by logging into > account > committees and groups > Join the PPSIG. They usually meet once a year at the Fall Summit.

‣ Join in on your district’s activities and meetings. These are great networking opportunities. Send an email to to be introduced to your district leaders.

‣ If you have specific practice questions, please send an email to We’ll do our best to answer your question or point you in the right direction.


No, physical therapists cannot opt out of Medicare. The physical therapist must bill Medicare, not the patient. You can only accept cash for things that Medicare deems not a covered service. You may find this blog article from WebPT on this topic helpful.

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