E-visit Summary

As of: 3.21.20

 Medicare did not approve ‘telehealth’ for therapists but rather approved a virtual service called E-Visits. That means therapists may continue to collect cash from Medicare beneficiaries for telehealth because it is still a non-covered service for therapy providers.
Therapists may provide services via E-Visits by utilizing a secured patient portal and billing with the G2061, G2062 or G2063 CPT codes. The definition of E-Visit was provided in SIPA 273 but here is the bullet point version:


  • May be provided at any location i.e. no geographic limitations
  • Require that the practice has an established relationship with the patient
  • Allows non-face-to-face communications between the patient and the provider
  • Must be initiated by the patient, but the provider may educate the patient about the availability of these services prior to patient's request for the virtual service
  • Should use an online patient portal, however the OCR will exercise enforcement discretion and waive penalties of HIPAA violations if the provider is serving the patient in good faith through everyday communication technologies, such as FaceTime, Skype, Zoom during the COVID-19 public health emergency 1, 2
  • Services/communications can occur over 7 consecutive days, but may only bill one of the three available codes representing services provided in the 7 day period 
  • Billing for services should occur at the end of the 7th day
  • Co-insurance and deductibles apply to E-Visits but may be discounted by the provider without fear of being sanctioned under the Anti-Kickback Statute
  • Providers must use the CR modifier when billing E-Visits 
Here is info from PPS too and I hope that helps you
In regards to VA – no commercial payor as far as I know will be paying for tele-health at this time.
I hope this helps
Virginia Physical Therapy Association
Payor and Practice Relations Chair