Diversity and Inclusion Sub-Committee

Created in 2018, the Diversity and Inclusion Sub-committee aims to address disparities in access to physical therapy, to enhance the provision of culturally competent care, and to serve as a resource for current students who are entering the profession. We are a resource for volunteers, and we are committed to facilitating economic mobility and empowerment for providers seeking to diversify the profession.

Get Involved
Our sub-committee is an active group of professionals and current students.  We welcome volunteers to join us in our mission, and there are several ways to get involved based on your interests. Click here to complete a volunteer interest form.

What We Do
Community Outreach - We engage with historically underserved communities and introduce the physical therapy profession as a career path to increase diverse representation in healthcare. 

Mentorship - Linking mentors in the field with mentees at the high school, undergraduate, and current DPT student levels, the Diversity and Inclusion Sub-committee seeks to improve representation in the profession. Through a guided approach, we seek to bridge barriers to entry and to create a culturally competent workforce which represents the communities served. 

Cultural Humility - We work to identify common themes and create educational resources to facilitate growth and enhance awareness of diversity and inclusion topics within the profession. We bridge the gap between current practice and emerging themes.

Content Production - Working closely with all teams in the Diversity and Inclusion Sub-committee, content production volunteers bring themes, ideas, and events to life through social media, promotional materials, and more.

Resources for Students
If you are considering Physical Therapy as a career, or have already begun your journey in PT school, we are here to support you! Consider joining our mentorship program, or find out about resources including scholarship info and diverse companies offering volunteer opportunities.

Resources for Providers
Perhaps you are looking to get involved as a mentor, or to learn more about diversity issues in the workplace. Let us know if you have specific questions or topics you’d like to see presented on our social media!

Contact Us
Have questions? Reach out! Email us at aptavadiversity@gmail.com or visit us on Instagram, TwitterFacebook, or YouTube
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