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Thanks to your advocacy, Virginia Physical Therapists are now practicing under the  Direct Access Law as of July 1, 2015. 
Accessing the States Laws Directly - you may access the Statute (law) or the Rules and Regulations for Practice specific direct access at the State Board of Physical Therapy.

  • APTA Resources - There are additional general resources and information about direct access available on the APTA website.  Enter the search term "Direct Access" into the search box to access a variety of helpful resources.

The Current Direct Access law allows for the following:

  • 30 Calendar day treatment period before a referral is necessary. *Note after 30 days, if the episode of care is to continue, the patient will require a referral.

  • If the patient is currently seeing another practitioner for the symptoms, the patient informs the Practitioner of the Physician of record and the medical records must be to the identified practitioner. The patient form is on the State Board of Physical Therapy website.

  • The practitioner is required to send the records to the documented physician within 14 days of the evaluation if the patient has identified a physician.
  • There is no requirement of notification to a physician if one does not currently exist or is not identified.  
  • The Physical Therapist may evaluate and treat a patient for the same condition if 60 days have passed since the last direct access initial evaluation for the specific condition. No waiting is required for a new evaluation of a different condition.
  • There is no certification requirement for physical therapists with a DPT degree and certification is a one-time requirement for physical therapists without a DPT with at tDPT or 3 or more years of experience.

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