If you attended this year's VPTA conference, you likely noticed the presence of the VPTA Political Action Committee Chair, Dr. Andy Tatom, PT, DPT, OSC.  As chair of the PAC, Dr. Tatom works with the legislative chair, the VPTA lobbyist, and the executive board to plan and coordinate PAC events. With recent and ongoing legislation impacting the physical therapy field, I decided to ask Dr. Tatom to tell me a bit more about the VPTA-PAC. 
  • What is your elevator speech pitch for the VPTA-PAC? 
  • The PAC is like an insurance policy to help protect the practice of Physical Therapy in Virginia. The PAC donations opens access to legislators so we can discuss our legislative agenda with them.

What is the role of the VPTA-PAC and how does the VPTA-PAC differ from the APTA PAC?
The VPTA-PAC deals with Virginia issues where The APTA-PAC deals with national issues. One difference is the corporations can give it the VPTA-PAC but not to the APTA-PAC
What are some recent accomplishments of the VPTA PAC?
The VPTA-PAC just raised over $10,500 at our most recent event and at the Fall Conference.

What are some upcoming priorities of the VPTA PAC and how much money would the VPTA-PAC need to raise in order to accomplish some of those priorities and goals?
We continue to support the VPTA legislative agenda.  If the VPTA is going to push for unfettered direct access in the near future we will need to raise several hundred thousand dollars to support this effort.

Why should people donate to the VPTA PAC?
As I said before the VPTA PAC has supported many initiatives in the past: direct access, term protection, dry needling, workers comp fee schedule, practice compact and practice encroachment from ATCs and massage therapists. If we don't stand up for ourselves who will? The VPTA PAC stands for us.
What is one fun fact many people may not know about the VPTA PAC?
The PAC is made up of Virginia PTs and PTAs and we are some of the most fun people in Virginia!

Anything else that you would like to add about the VPTA PAC?
Don't expect someone else will stand up for you. The VPTA-PAC helps all PTs and PTAs in Virginia regardless of practice setting. Everyone needs to help because if you don't someone will take more of our proactive away from us. So give when you are asked--WE NEED YOU!
Thank you Dr. Tatom for taking your time to answer questions about the VPTA PAC!

If you would like to donate to the VPTA PAC, you may do so here:
Entry by Jordan Tucker




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