The Vision of the APTA and VPTA: Where We Have Been and Where We Are Heading.

Vision 2020 was adopted by the House of Delegates in 2000, expressing guiding principles such as; Autonomous Physical Therapist Practice, Direct Access, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Lifelong Education, Evidence-based Practice, Practitioner of Choiceand Professionalism. The vision was to have Physical Therapist recognized by consumers and other health care professionals as the practitioners of choice to whom consumers have direct access for the diagnosis of, interventions for, and prevention of impairments, activity limitations, participation restrictions, and environmental barriers related to movement, function, and health. As 2020 approaches many elements of the vision have been met through more states adopting direct access laws, an increase in the doctorate of physical therapy programs and an increase in research and access to evidence-based practice.
The current Vision of the APTA was adopted in 2013. “While this is APTA's vision for the physical therapy profession, it is meant also to inspire others throughout society to, together, create systems that optimize movement and function for all people. The following principles of Identity, Quality, Collaboration, Value, Innovation, Consumer-centricity, Access/Equity, and Advocacy demonstrate how the profession and society will look when this vision is achieved.” A shift from specifically defining the goal as a Physical Therapy practitioner to creating a vision to inspire and meet the needs of society.
Some questions to think about are; What does the current vision mean to you? Does the current vision express the same key elements you think physical therapy profession should focus on? What is the biggest change you would like to see happen within the physical therapy profession?
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In March, the VPTA leadership came together to develop a strategic plan for 2019-2020. The plan highlight four main areas, Membership, Continuing Education, Communications and Legislative efforts. The value all members add to the organization is instrumental in accomplishing set goals and so as an organization, the reach is far greater than efforts set forth alone. With that being said, some great initiatives have been implemented and we, the VPTA is looking forward to wonderful years ahead.
Did you know????
  1. In the spring of 2018, the VPTA board of directors created the Diversity and Inclusion subcommittee. This committee has been actively engaged with outreach to high school students and community members to educate about and promote the Physical Therapy profession. They are continuing efforts to reach a broad distribution of people.
  2. The Continuing Education committee is working diligently to create an enriched learning environment for both PT/PTA students and professionals at the Fall Summit and Spring Conference. VPTA's Spring Conference will focus on clinical education, while the Fall Summit will have an emphasis on professional matters. Save the dates:Summit 2019 is November 9 at South University in Richmond and Spring 2020 Education will be April 18 at Emory & Henry College.
  3. There is a communication committee that wants to support all members. This is through the use of multi-media platforms, sharing celebrated accomplishments, promoting the great things providers across the state are doing and increasing awareness of events and opportunities.
  4. The PAC is how VPTA helps move along or stop legislation that affects the physical therapy profession. Without this support we are unable to attend events for these legislators and talk with them about our important recent issues including: a fee schedule for Workers' compensation, the Medicare therapy cap, Dry Needling, including physical therapists in concussion legislation, the licensure of kinesiotherapists, and access to physical therapist services without a referral. The PAC continues valent efforts to grow and protect our profession and needs support from member to accomplish great things.
It is exciting to reflect on where we have been as a profession and knowing where we are heading. To be part of the journey and both promote and inspire others, I feel I am lucky to be part of such an awesome profession.

Written by: Kimberly Benson PT, DPT, NCS



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