Congratulations to the newly elected leaders!


We are excited to have such a distinguished group of individuals who have been elected or appointed to serve APTA Virginia and our community!

Just like you, these individuals are passionately dedicated to the advancement of physical therapy. They ensure that we are represented at APTA legislative meetings, that our members have access to high-quality education, oversee the activities of our chapter, provide support and resources, and promote continuity within our chapter.
Please join us in congratulating the following newly elected volunteer leaders:

Emily Hawkins, PT, DPT

Chief Delegate
Cameron Massumi, PT, DPT

Chapter Secretary
Megan McIntyre, PT, DPT

PTA Caucus Representative
Jessica Shrader, PTA
Tamara Riddell, PTA – PTA Caucus Alternate

Blue Ridge District Nominating Committee Member

Mountain District Nominating Committee Member
Holly Neel, PT

Valley District Nominating Committee Member
Brice Bhalla, PT, DPT

Katherine Baucom, PT, DPT
Shawne Soper, PT, DPT
William Kolb, PT, DPT
Brandon Smith, PT, DPT
Benjamin Darter, PT, PhD
Jade Bender-Burnett, PT, DPT
Ashley Keesler-Young, PT, DPT – 1st Alternate
Stacy Pepitone, PT – 2nd Alternate
Anandbabu Ramadass, PT, DPT – 3rd Alternate

Blue Ridge District Director
Brooke Lieske, PT, DPT

Central District Director
Katherine Hogue, PT, DPT

Mountain District Director
Chase Edwards, PT, DPT

Northern District Director

Tidewater District Director
David Furrow, PT, DPT

Valley District Director
Benjamin Hodges, PT, DPT

Central District Secretary
Haily Cook, PT, DPT

Northern District Secretary
Erin Gooch, PT, DPT

Tidewater District Secretary
Megan Gretka, PT, DPT

Blue Ridge District Treasurer
Andrew Baldwin, PT, DPT

Mountain District Treasurer

Valley District Treasurer
Tyler France, PT, DPT

If you are interested in filling a vacancy, please email



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