Now Accepting Abstracts: 2023 Fall Summit


The APTA Virginia Research Committee is currently accepting abstracts for consideration of live or virtual platform and/or live poster presentations during the 2023 Fall Summit on October 7th, 2023.

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The APTA Virginia Research Committee invites all physical therapy professionals nationwide to showcase and share their research findings, best practice training models, tools, or other resources that advance the profession of physical therapy to improve the health of society by live or virtual platform and/or live poster presentations.

The abstract submission period is open through August 20, 2023 (11:59 PM). The research committee seeks presentations in the following categories:
  • Research Report: Presents original scientific data collected by the author(s) using any established research format, both experimental and non-experimental designs, may be used (e.g. case studies, clinical trials, descriptive studies, single-subject designs, qualitative methods, etc.)
  • Special Interest Report: Presents unique and innovative concepts, ideas, devices, or products developed to meet the special needs of physical therapy; the ways in which these reports can be expressed include case reports, case studies, and reports of projects. Emphasis should be on the unique and innovative nature of the concept or idea presented. 
  • Theory Report: Presents a theory, idea, concept, or model that describes a foundation for the practice of physical therapy. For additional information on theory, see Krebs DE, Harris SR. Elements of theory presentations in physical therapy. Phys Ther. 1988;68:690-693

Abstract Format

Research Report must include the following information/subheadings: Purpose; Background/Significance; Subjects; Methods and Materials; Analyses; Results; Conclusions; and Funding Source.

Special Interest Report must include the following information/subheadings unless it is a case study/report: Purpose; Foundation (What is the underlying basis for the report?); Description (What methods, materials, and principles did the project involve?); Observations; Conclusions; and Funding Source.

Case Report or Series must include the following information/subheadings: Purpose; Background/Significance; Subject(s); Methods; Outcomes (including interpretation); Discussion; Conclusion; and Funding Source.

Theory Report must include the following information/subheadings: Theory (Describe the theory, idea, concept, or model); Phenomenon (Describe the phenomenon the theory proposes to explain, predict, or describe); Purpose (What is the major reason for developing the theory presented?); Evidence (Briefly summarize the evidence or experience that supports the theory); Testable Hypotheses (Give examples of testable hypotheses or propositions derived from the theory, idea, concept, or model); Importance (What is the importance of the theory to physical therapy?); and Funding Source.?

Submit two copies of the abstract electronically to the research chair; one with information identifying the author(s) and contact person, and one blinded (no identifying information). Please indicate if the abstract is student, professional or academic research. The abstract should be no more than 300 words, excluding title and references. The electronic file must be compatible with Microsoft word.
Note: The “blinded” copy of the abstract will be used for review by the committee.
Please submit to Amanda Miller Avila, PT, DPT, WCS by August 20, 2023.

The APTA Virginia Research Committee peer reviews all abstracts. Abstracts are selected on the basis of compliance with the content and format requirements, intelligibility of the abstract, and the importance of the information as it relates to physical therapy.
Please review the requirements above.
Any abstract that does not fulfill the requirements will be excluded.

Poster Presentation: Reports are summarized on a large poster (48” x 36”) using concise and easily readable text to present the key components of the project. Posters must be able to stand on a table independently on a structure provided by the author. Posters are set up in one area and will be on display for a set time during the conference. Authors will have an assigned time block to stand with the poster and answer questions from participants who are walking through the poster presentation area. 

Live Platform Presentation: Two abstracts will be selected for live presentation and Q&A during the Summit. Each presentation will be scheduled in a 10 minute slot, including Q&A. 

Notification of the committee's decision will occur via email no later than September 1st, 2023. Please feel free to contact Research Committee Chair Amanda Miller Avila, PT, DPT, WCS with any questions.

On behalf of the entire APTA Virginia Research Committee,
we hope to see you in Lynchburg in October!



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