SB 1005 and HB 2359 Legislative Update


Great news! Thanks to your efforts, both bills have been approved and signed by the Governor on 3/21/23!

Thank you for your activism and grassroots efforts to support our Direct Access Bills. It is through your efforts that we have been able to advance our profession with this legislation. 

Now what?
The legislation becomes active on July 1, 2023! At that time, we will no longer have a time restriction on caring for a patient under Direct Access. In addition, we will no longer require a prescription/referral to perform Trigger Point Dry Needling. 

We will be working with the Department of Health Professions and the Board of Physical Therapy during the next few months. This will ensure a smooth and easy transition to the new regulations. 

Stay tuned, more information to come!

Reminder: The current law where you have 60 days of Direct Access before needing to get a prescription and the requirement that you obtain a prescription to perform Trigger Point Dry Needling is still in effect as a law. This continues until 7/1/2023.

While the bills have passed and are signed, we still have work to do. Now begins the process of thanking your legislators for supporting our bills.

With this year's legislative session closed, we are now planning for next year's legislative session. As the year progresses, we will send out information regarding our plans for the remainder of 2023 and the 2024 legislative session.

Thank you again for your advocacy and action!

Tony Grillo
APTA Virginia President

Tom Bohanon
APTA Virginia Legislative Chair

Geoff Gunther
APTA Virginia State Legislative Affairs



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