Pediatric SIG Cafe Presents: "Tone" and How We Manage IT


1 hour of Type 1 CEU Provided for Course Attendees

Course Description:

This course will provide an overview of the basic terminology used in the discussion of Hypertonia, explore the pathophysiology of spasticity and dystonia, and look at some of the most common treatments available, such as the medication Baclofen and Botulinum toxin injections for Chemodenervation, as well as surgical techniques. The course will conclude with a discussion of novel interventions and where research may lead us in the treatment of hypertonia.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the terminology of Tone Management

  • Describe the Pathophysiology of Hypertonia

  • Review treatment options including:

    • Therapy and bracing;

    • Enteral medication;

    • Injectable medications;

    • Surgical treatment; and

    • Emerging therapies.

Instructor: Dr. Kelly Pham, Reach Pediatric Rehab

Dr. Kelly Pham is a board certified pediatric physiatrist, also known as a pediatric rehabilitation medicine doctor. She received her MD from Georgetown University School of Medicine and residency training at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Pham completed her fellowship training at Seattle Children's Hospital and the University of Washington. 

With expertise in cerebral palsy, complex tone management, including spasticity and dystonia, as well as gait and bracing (orthotics), she aims to educate children and their families about their diagnoses while improving their lives.




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