Students Launch the 2022-2023 VCU-Marquette Challenge


This fall, students and faculty across the nation are taking part in the Marquette Challenge to advance and help fund physical therapy research.

Since 1989, more than 300 schools and thousands of physical therapy (PT) and physical therapy assistant (PTA) students have raised more than $4.6 million through the Marquette Challenge to benefit the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research (FPTR). This annual student-led fundraiser empowers students to take part in advancing their profession today while forming stronger connections with each other, faculty, and their community.

Through the Marquette Challenge, participants are investing in the physical therapy profession through grants, scholarships, and fellowships. In addition to improving care, research shows the value of physical therapy to patients and payers alike. Every aspect of physical therapy – from education to practice – is bolstered by quality research. The Foundation's research propels innovation that helps people get better faster.

Today, student fundraisers are more important to the Foundation's mission than ever before. We hope you will connect with physical therapy research in a meaningful way by fundraising for the 2022-2023 VCU-Marquette Challenge.

PT/PTA students and faculty have been staunch supporters of the Foundation and every donation is critical to the success of the Challenge. Over the years, the Foundation has provided $175,817.00 in funding for researchers from the state of Virginia. The Foundation remains appreciative of the commitment of PT and PTA students from Virginia in supporting physical therapy research.
Please join us and other students in supporting the 2022-2023 VCU-Marquette Challenge to help fund physical therapy research.
Faculty and students in the state of Virginia are encouraged to visit the Marquette Challenge website to learn how they can support the Foundation and physical therapy research through the 2022-2023 VCU-Marquette Challenge. 

About the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research
The Foundation for Physical Therapy Research was established in 1979 as the only national, independent nonprofit organization solely dedicated to funding physical therapy research. Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded more than $20 million in research grants, fellowships, and scholarships to more than 650 promising researchers. Many of today's leading physical therapy researchers, clinicians, and academicians began their careers with this support. Foundation-funded researchers have gone on to secure more than $845 million in follow-on funding.



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