2019-2021 Strategic Plan




Dear VPTA Members,

It appears that spring has finally sprung! There is no better way to know that spring is here than hearing about the great work that our association does in the spring leadership workshop. Leaders from every committee, special interest group, and work group with VPTA Board of Directors came together on March 23 at the APTAT headquaters in Alexandria to generate the strategic plan of the organization. More than 30 people worked together to generate the strategic plan for 2019-2021 with specific emphasis on events, membership engagement and legislative needs. This process, in turn, generates the underpinnings to create our budget for the coming fiscal year. I felt that this meeting was highly effective and generated great discussion that lead to plans ranging from diversity and inclusion among the PT profession to fair co-pay legislation. Thank you to all of you that freely give of your time and expertise to grow and facilitate this organization. See the picture below to visualize the conclusion of the meeting. Note the tired but satisfied faces!


Josh Bailey

President, VPTA




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