In Memory of Stephanie Van Nortwick

When one member mourns, we all mourn and at this time, we are holding Adam Van Nortwick and his family of Lynchburg in our thoughts and prayers. His wife tragically died as a result of injuries from a car accident on June 9. You can send cards to:
Adam Van Nortwick
2035 East Market Street, Suite 45
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
There will be a celebration of life on June 18 at 4pm at the home of her sister and brother-in-law. No RSVP is needed.
13778 Dyke rd
Standardsville, VA 22973
Member Colleen Whiteford penned a tribute to Stephanie here if you'd like to read it. Adam also composed a touching Facebook post.

If you would like to donate to the family, you are welcome to do so on Go Fund Me. 



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