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Practice Questions? Let us Help!

Practice Questions? Let us help!
In order to help achieve its mission, APTA Virginia has ten committees each focused on a different area. One of these committees is the Payer and Practice Relations Committee which focuses on the primary elements involved in the practice of physical therapy including: scope of practice, administration of practice, standards and ethics of practice, and the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice. The committee also recognizes that reimbursement/payment is likely the most confusing and frustrating part of clinical practice, so the members of this committee are here to help you navigate any questions physical therapy professionals and students in Virginia might have.
Below, Ron Masri and Ben Keeton have answered some of your most recent questions.
Understandably, there have been many questions regarding COVID-19 and the impacts on the practice of physical therapy, including telehealth.  In response to the many questions, both the VPTA and APTA put together resources related to COIVD-19.
VPTA Resources:
APTA Resources:
APTA Special Interest Group COVID-19 Resources (some may require log-in):  
How long should clinicians maintain medical records?
In Virginia, maintenance of medical records is dependent upon the age of the patient:
  • Minor patients: records should be maintained for 6 years after the last patient contact, or until the patient becomes 18 (or becomes emancipated), whichever is longer.
  • Adult patients: records should be maintained 6 years after the last patient contact
Questions about direct access?
Check out VPTA’s FAQ here:
Specialized treatments
A member asked a question about performing diagnostic ultrasound for things such as musculoskeletal or peripheral nerve pathologies and Dr. Masri stated that there are no restrictions on PTs performing the procedure in Virginia.  If you are interested in learning more about physical therapy and imaging, check out APTA’s resources in this subject area.  It is important to remember that clinicians should always take responsibility to possess and demonstrate competence in performing all treatment skills, especially those that are more specialized.
What questions do you have?! Sure, you could go digging through pages and pages to find your answer, or you could ask us and we can make your life easier! That’s what we’re here for! PTs, PTAs, and SPTs in Virginia are welcome to email with any questions. Questions are then forwarded to Payer and Practice Relations Committee chairs, Ron Masri and Ben Keeton.

Webinar Series: Healthy Aging and Joint Health

Register Today!
Virginia Arthritis Awareness Month
Webinar Series: Healthy Aging and Joint Health
Wednesdays in May 2020
1:00 PM-2:30 PM
Intended Audience: Health Care and Service Professionals
Arthritis Awareness Month, led by the Arthritis Foundation, is observed each May to bring attention to arthritis and its impact. The Virginia Arthritis Advisory Council, under the Virginia Arthritis Program at the Virginia Department of Health, presents this opportunity for multi-sector health care and service professionals to share and learn relevant arthritis topics aimed at improving the health, well-being, and quality of life. During the webinar series, presentations will include importance of physical activity, self-management tools, maintaining balance, and therapeutic interventions to assist those living with arthritis to reduce pain and improve mobility and self-efficacy.
Join peers and learn more about how you can promote prevention and management through care, interventions, and education.
MAY 6, 2020 TOPIC: Arthritis Foundation: Resources to Support Those Living with Arthritis
Presenter Miranda Bayles, Arthritis Foundation Community Engagement Director
Register here :  Healthy Aging and Joint Health Webinar Registration May 6, 2020
MAY 13, 2020 TOPIC: Being Active with Arthritis: Importance of Increasing Physical Activity
Presenter Geoff Gunther PT, DPT, CMP
Register here: Healthy Aging and Joint Health Webinar Registration May 13, 2020
MAY 20, 2020 TOPIC: Living a Balanced Life:
Maintaining Balance and Function while Social Distancing
Presenter Liz Riley, PTA, ECPI University Physical Therapist Assistant Program Instructor
Evidence-Based Interventions addressing Chronic Illness
Presenter Savannah Butler, Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services Prevention Program Coordinator
Register here : Healthy Aging and Joint Health Webinar Registration May 20, 2020
MAY 27, 2020 TOPIC: Therapeutic Interventions for Spinal Arthritis
Presenter Cadeidra Green MS, REP, RKT Richmond Veterans Health Administration Kinesiotherapist
Register here : Healthy Aging and Joint Health Webinar Registration May 27, 2020



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