Nominations for Chapter and District leadership positions are being taken between May 3 and June 17, 2018.  If you have someone in mind to nominate for office, please do so!  Self-nominations are permitted and welcome, so don’t be shy!   

The following positions are open:


  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Delegate
  • Delegate-Elect
  • PTA Caucus Rep
  • PTA Caucus Rep Alternate
  • Central Nominating Committee
  • Northern Nominating Committee Member
  • Tidewater Nominating Committee Member


  • Blue Ridge Director
  • Blue Ridge Secretary
  • Central Director
  • Central Treasurer
  • Mountain Director
  • Mountain Secretary
  • Northern Director
  • Northern Treasurer
  • Tidewater Director
  • Tidewater Treasurer
  • Valley Director
  • Valley Secretary

Nominate here! If you have specific questions, please email



The Communications team is actively seeking 1 more member to join our amazing team! The position is "Social Media Advertising Management". Volunteer responsibilities include:

  1. Create posts unique to each social media source (currently Facebook and Twitter) for paid advertisements of courses and jobs. Posts will include: Text, hyperlinks, graphics, images
  2. Boost paid advertisement posts
  3. Interaction with followers on Social Media related to the events

Those interested in this position should write to

Thanks for your interest,
Heather Byrne for the Communications Team 


The VPTA is happy to introduce our members to a great new benefit called CEU Locker.

CEU Locker provides an easy and convenient method for tracking your CEU requirements in our state, searching for approved courses that meet state requirements, and being assured that the courses you are taking provide quality content for our specialty.

VPTA will be providing the easy-to-recognize official seal for all approved courses. As a CEU Holder, you only need to look for this seal when searching for your courses to be assured that they have been vetted and approved and that they meet state requirements. After you have completed an approved course, simply type the CEU Locker number into your online dashboard; the course information instantly will be archived for safekeeping. 

As an additional benefit to your practice, our website will begin featuring a robust, searchable listing of approved courses that meet state requirements.

Find all this here.

Usage of the CEU Locker service is an exclusive benefit of your VPTA membership. Thank you for being a member, and please let us know how much you like using CEU Locker!